Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cognos Important Questions

1.       Difference between Primary key and Unique Key
2.       Why we need Surrogate Key
3.       Difference between View and Materialized View
4.       What is Data Mining
5.       What is Cube, Can we combine two cubes
6.       Why we need OLTP why can’t we use Data Base straight, which once gives better performance.
7.       Why we need Cognos
8.       Can you compare Cognos features with other tools
9.       What is cardinality
10.   How can we set cardinality for Left, Right, Full Outer, Inner Joins at model
11.   Without model/Package can we build reports
12.   Why we go for different layers in Frame work manager
13.   How can we create Stand-alone filter and Embedded filter
14.   Types of Stand-alone filter
15.   Types of Security in Frame work manager
16.   What is stitched Query
17.   What is Loop in FM
18.   When we need to refresh views in FM and how?
19.   Types of Query Processing
20.   Difference between limited local and database only
21.   What is Ambiguous relationships and how to resolve
22.   How to avoid Double-Counting
23.   Session parameter and Parameter Maps
24.   How to handle blob/clob data types in Cognos
25.   The groups and roles defined in the Cognos namespace can be used to assign access rights to Query items and Data sources
26.   What are the different types of Stored Procedures in Framework Manager
27.   Difference between Folder and Namespace
28.   Different Type of Query Subjects
29.   Types of Usage properties (Query items)
30.   How to add Determinants
31.   Regular and Measure Dimensions
32.   What is the difference between Native, Cognos and Pass-through SQL
33.   What are the uses of Short cut and Alias
34.   Difference between Scope and relationship
35.   Difference between Aggregation and Rollup Aggregation
36.   Difference between Macro and Prompt
37.   Report studio views what are they?
38.   Types of Prompts
39.   What are cascading prompts?
40.   How can you Restrict the values for a prompt
41.   In Date prompt, up to which Ending year it shows and from which starting year it shows
42.   How to change the text of a prompt page button.
43.   What is the limit for the number of rows in a Value Prompt in Report Studio
44.   Prompt Page loading slow
45.   Can we use Report Studio reports in Query Studio
46.   What is Report Snapshot
47.   Can we update Report Snapshot
48.   Difference between Drill through and Master detailed
49.   In which situation would you use a fact less fact
50.   Difference between Schedule and Burst
51.   Scheduled Upcoming showing Unknown Why?
52.   I have report at Dev with 1,818,501 records schedule generated PDF but in UAT having 6,343,247 records getting fail
53.   Scheduling showing this error, “The transaction log for the database is full” why?
54.   How to set File System
55.   How can we schedule  the PDF, Excel reports in File System
56.   I have Logs report if I run entire month the report not able to generate in PDF while scheduling, why? How to handle this issue
57.   How to setup Select a connection to use for this data source With/Without Password
58.   Having 2 Pages, if I run the report I need to see only 1st Page after clicking on Text Item link then it should show 2nd page in separate window
59.   I have Product Name, Country in Columns, then how can we show Revenue, Margin, Percentage  in to rows wise using list instead of using Crosstab
60.   I have List, Crosstab, chart in One Page in report, If we run should show into different pages
61.   Columns of a list or crosstab to break across horizontal pages in PDF but it fit on a single page how?
62.   Which one is faster between List and Crosstab
63.   How to burst a crosstab report
64.   How to combine rows in a list report into a single row that is comma separated
65.   Can we set multiple links for different data items at Join in reporting
66.   How can approach Union/Join in Report Studio
67.   What is difference between pass data item value and pass parameter value
68.   How to improve report performance from database side
69.   How to improve report performance from Cognos
70.   What will happen if I run the Cognos report
71.   How to get Cognos reports Last Day, Last Week, Last Month, Last Year
72.   How can we create Template
73.   What are types of Filters in Report Studio
74.   What is coalesce
75.   What is meant by classes
76.   How can we set Global classes
77.   Report Configured to Run Later is not Run
78.   How to Load external data from a network share
79.   About Grouping and Group Span
80.   Difference between Conditional blocks, Render variable, Style Variable
81.   Difference between Layout Calculation and Query Calculation
82.   What is the use of Lock and Unlock
83.   Difference between Content store and Content manager
84.   What is meant by Box type
85.   What is burst, how can we delivery
86.   Difference between Today() and Now()
87.   What is CAMID in Cognos
88.   Difference between count() and running-count() and Rank
89.   Each Company details should get in different tabs in Excel
90.   Difference between Repeater and Repeater Table
91.   Difference between Conditional Styles and Conditional formatting
92.   How can you handle empty reports
93.   Difference between Java Script and HTML in Cognos Report Studio
94.   Suppose if month changes then default value should automatic take that current month and year instead of changing every month manual
95.   Display Report Name; Description; Package Name in Report Page
96.   i have one column Application ID in ABC table
140720110000001|140720110000002|140720110000003 row like this in that column
In other XYZ table Application ID having
140720110000003 as separate rows
So, now how to join between these and need to show in separate rows each Application ID 140720110000001|140720110000002|140720110000003 from ABC table
97.   How can we setup Mail server configuration
98.   Can we develop single report using 2 packages, Can we merge 2 packages
99.   Difference between MDX and SQL
100.    The Quality of service Indicators
101.    Why do reports run in a background process run a lot slower than viewing HTML output in Cognos Viewer
102.    What is the limit for the number of rows in a value prompt in Report Studio?
103.    How can Set configuration for email attachments in IBM Cognos 10
104.    Avoid local processing when filtering on empty string
105.    Log on page reappears even after entering the right credentials
106.    Login page not accepting credentials within Framework Manager/IBM Cognos Portal
107.    "Message from webpage" ... "undefined" when browsing Cognos Connection
108.    The report page count shows a value of ‘?’ when viewed as HTML
109.    When a prompted report is run, the previous prompt that was selected is visible. How can this be prevented? In Production System
110.    Few users are getting login error message "unable to authenticate, please contact your security administrator".