Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to create one shared column title for two list columns in report header in cognos 8.4

A list report with multiple columns. How to create a column title put it on top of two column titles and make it look like in Excel spread sheet format? For example, Product as a column title, another two columns sub titles as Product Line and Product Type.
Resolving the problem
Use Create Header toolbar button to add a list or page header row. By default, all headers are displayed below the Column Titles; this can be changed by setting the "Column Title" property of the list ojbect to "At start of details". Now we can split the summary header then merge the columns header as we wish.
  1. Create the list report with the fields required.

  2. Click any cell in the list.

  3. On the toolbar, click Create Header.

  4. Use the Ancestor control to select the list object.

  5. In the Properties pane, under General, locate the Column Titles property and set it to At start of details.

  6. To have the heading to appear on all pages, select the new summary row, click the Ancestor control, and select List Header. In the properties, select Pagination, in the resulting dialog, click Repeat every Page.

  7. Select the summary row in the report, and on the toolbar, click the Split Cell button. This will split the header row into its individual cells.

  8. To have more then one row, click Structure, and Insert List Row Cells Above or Below.

  9. Now, select any number of adjacent cells, and click Merge Cells to merge them.

  10. Add the desired text to the cell.

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  1. I was dealing with this for a while, and the official tutorial from IBM wasn't clear enough. Thanks a lot!!