Saturday, February 18, 2012

The way to hide the header and toolbar & show view report buttons in Report Viewer

In 8.4 if you want to hide the header and toolbar in the cognos viwer window, 
just follow the below steps:
1. open the report in report studio.
2. drag and drop a HTML item in the report
3.Double click and add the following script in the html item
display: none;
 display: none;
4. Now run the report, the header and the toolbars will be disabled in the cognos viewr window.

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  1. Hi Jeevan,

    Is there anyway to display only selected toolbar icon (such as Email Report) for individual report in Cognos 8.4? My client would like to all toolbar buttons except Email Report. In 8.2 there is an IBM tech document but i could not find the same in 8.4. Appreciate your feedback